How Do I Manage My Fear of the Dentist?

It can be hard to visit the dentist. We know we need to go, but it's often easier said than done. There may be many roadblocks on our journey to better oral health: painful previous experiences, shortages of time or money, or anxiety regarding the unknown. You are normal if you feel some hesitancy in visiting the dentist - about 75% of the population feels some level of angst when facing dental care. Dr. Allen Ewell and Dr. Elizabeth Ewell primarily became dentists because they wanted to help people feel comfortable and at ease. The best compliments we have ever received are from initially nervous patients who say they now look forward to visiting us! We hope you feel the same as we welcome you to Dentistry of Arizona! We're here to help you discover a better experience. Dental fear often stems from legitimate causes, but it doesn't need to define your future dental experiences. At Dentistry of Arizona, we understand that some patients step through the door with a little anxiety, others with a lot. Finding ways to ease the intensity of those feelings shapes the mission of our team.

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Establishing trust between yourself and your dentist is the first step towards overcoming dental fear. Unfortunately, many stories about bad dental experiences and uncaring dentists circulate in conversations. In fact, your story may be underscored by unpleasant treatment visits. We understand that helping you step beyond that story and into a new chapter is critical to your future dental health. The genuine commitment to empathetic listening at our practice is a foundation we build relationships around. No belittling, blaming, or shaming...just empathy. Dr. Ewell takes the time to listen to your story - we want to know where you are coming from and how we can help you.


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We will discuss valuable options to help you through a treatment appointment.

Conscious Oral Sedation: Some patients benefit from the careful use of mild sedation, including oral medications taken just before an appointment. We can prescribe oral medication for you to take prior to your treatment procedure. If this is the best option for you, you will need a ride home after your appointment.

Laughing Gas/Nitrous Oxide: Many patients know about "laughing gas" absorbed by normal breathing to create a relaxed feeling. Inhaled sedation is easily reversed when your visit ends and it has very minimal effect on your day's activities. Nitrous oxide is a popular option for children and adults; it feels as if "the edge" is taken off the nerves and patients often feel relaxed and very at ease. At the end of the appointment, you will breathe straight oxygen and will feel clear headed. You will be able to carry on with your day's activities as planned.

Music: We encourage our patients to bring along their headphones and enjoy streaming their favorite music. It won't hurt our feelings if you tune us out and enjoy a concert! The greatest compliment we receive is when our formerly anxious patients finish an appointment and say, "Wow! That was really easy!" and refer their friends and family. It is our mission to make every visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible. If you are nervous about the dentist, please give us a try and help us find the stress-reducing plan that works for you. We look forward to listening to your concerns and designing care that's customized for you.

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